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From startups to established brands, Prototype offers solutions for any size need.

Our Manufacturing Solutions


Supply chain disruptions increase.

From startups to established brands, progarmentcn offers solutions for any size need.c

The Industry's Problem

The manufacturing industry is all about volume. Higher volume equals lower pricing. And everyone seems most concerned about prices. But there’s far more to MOQ than just prices. (Learn more about MOQ here.)

With things as they are, it’s particularly difficult for small labels and startups to have their manufacturing needs met. In many cases, it’s simply impossible to have something made in small quantities. This unfortunately forces many small businesses out of the marketplace entirely. 

If you’ve been through it before, you know how frustrating it is. Contacting endless factories, asking their MOQ, trying to get a quote. Even if you offer to pay more, most of the time they’ll just ignore you.  Maybe you’ll get a half-hearted sample and they’ll ghost you afterwards. It’s an awful lot like using a dating app. Lots of leads, then lots of one night stands. 



Our Solution

Here at progarments, we take an entirely different approach. 

Rather than rely on a high volume of orders from just a few clients, we have developed a unique system whereby we instead leverage our large quantity of smaller orders to simulate the efficiency of large orders. In this way we are able to offer high quality at a reasonable quantity and price.

Our worldwide network of relationships works in favor of the suppliers and manufacturers as well. progarments is able to supply a steady stream of reliable manufacturing jobs to smaller factories that otherwise struggle to find new clients. 

progarments offers the best combination of low MOQ custom manufacturing with high quality results of any company in the industry.

Progarments vs. The Competition

Our minimums Black Label start at only...

100 Pieces Per Color*

For our Black Label services clients, we offer low minimums of only 100 pieces per color and 300 per style. Meaning, you can order 100 pcs in 3 colors or 300 pcs. in 1 color. Sizes may vary within those quantities.
*A minimum order value also applies. Contact us for updates and availability


Our competitors high minimums...

1000 + Pieces Per Color

Our competitors rely on high quantity orders to reach their goals. This means that they typically only work with large, established labels and aren’t interested in startups and smaller brands.

Looking for a smaller order quantity?

If you’re looking for a very small order quantity for a startup or to test the market on a new product, we can still provide you with valuable assistance. At that scale, it can be very difficult to find a quality manufacturer for custom goods. However, any client utilizing our Black Label product development services will be eligible for our Referral Service. For a low, flat fee, we’ll put you in touch with qualified manufacturers, provide you a contract template, a set of instructions for our own recommended procedures, and help you guarantee the security of your payments. You will have the responsibility of managing your own order, but our valuable assistance will save you time and money.