Style in Every Stitch: Discover Your Perfect Tee!


Even if you’re looking for a fairly standard tshirt, you still may have need for a t-shirt manufacturer if you’re looking to sell clothing in a region where the sizing differs from the clothing you have access to. For example, if you’re an Australian company looking to start selling in the US, you can’t just ship over your products from Australia. They’ll be too small! And NOBODY likes returns in the fashion business! There are several different regional size/fit areas worldwide. Most countries fall into either: USA, Australia, Europe, Asia or South America. Some have similarities, no doubt, but you have to plan carefully when moving your product line from one region to another. For example, a Large tshirt in the US would often be XL in Australia and XXL in Europe and Asia. Other regions often use designations other than S, M, L , preferring numbering systems instead. Mainstream blanks can have a really hard time fulfilling those specific needs, meaning that a custom t shirt manufacturer will be required to sell in multiple markets.