A boxy style shirt. Short length with wide body & sleeves.


The body of a custom tshirt has a few options too. By changing the length and width of a shirt, you can achieve major differences in the style. A belly shirt, for example, is a super short tee shirt that doesn’t cover the belly. Some of the 90s hiphop tees were tall and wide, with super roomy, boxy shape, while a “tall tee”, a new trend in fashion, is a longer style tee than the standard, but relatively slim as well. Some very tall tees are used as dresses and sometimes sleepwear. So many options!

Streetwear is the hottest thing in fashion now and the T shirt is a foundational piece. Custom streetwear shirts are often tall and/or boxy, often with a long shoulder. This creates a dropped shoulder look that’s very casual. A good custom t shirt maker will open up all these options and more to help you create the perfect custom shirt form.
Sleeves can also be tight, like a muscle tee, or just a tighter trim, like a vintage 70s tee. They can flare out if you’re going for an earthy look. They can match the main body of the shirt in color, or they can have a contrasting color, which can take the look in an entirely different direction.

Sleeves can be customized a million different ways. A t shirt manufacturer can help guide you toward achieving exactly the look and feel that you’re going for with your brand.