A cut-off or sleeveless style t-shirt.


The sleeve design gives you another wide range of choices for custom t-shirt manufacturing. Long and short sleeve, of course. Removing the sleeves gives you “sleeveless”, “tank” or “singlet” style tops. A range of sleeve lengths between long and short can give your shirt a “raglan” style or more modern designer looks. Living in a hot climate here in Bali, I personally love a 3/4 sleeve to give a cooler, breezy feel of a short sleeve with the sun coverage of a long sleeve.

Sleeves can also be tight, like a muscle tee, or just a tighter trim, like a vintage 70s tee. They can flare out if you’re going for an earthy look. They can match the main body of the shirt in color, or they can have a contrasting color, which can take the look in an entirely different direction.

Sleeves can be customized a million different ways. A t shirt manufacturer can help guide you toward achieving exactly the look and feel that you’re going for with your brand.