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The key to success with any fashion label.

Fashion Branding


There are 2 main parts to a logo:



A logo mark is the what most people think of as a logo. It’s a unique combination of shapes and colors that visually communicates something about the brand. A strong mark is powerful indeed, as you’ll see below. 


Typography (aka the Fonts) is a surprisingly effective way to communicate both with words and with visual design. Typography is just as powerful a tool as the mark.

Branding Defines Business Success


We’ve all heard people (or ourselves) say:
“You’re paying for the brand.”
“I don’t want that off-brand junk.”
People love “name brands” and they’re often “brand loyal“. 

Clearly, brands are big business.

When it comes to building a fashion business, nothing is more important that branding. Your brand is how your business conveys its message to the world through the use of visual design, color and careful messaging.

Here at Prototype, we’ve worked with hundreds of brands from across the fashion spectrum and we understand the needs of fashion brands better than anyone in the industry. 

Let’s talk about branding and why it’s so important to your fashion label…

Logo Mark



Back when I was in design school in San Francisco, I used to tease the typography students in my school (Sorry guys!). I was kidding, but only half kidding. At that time, I didn’t understand the raw power of a font.

For example, take a look at these typography-based logos. Do you think you could recognize them even if they had other words written? Probably most of them, right? 

Think about that for a second…  Wow.

The subtle ways our written alphabet can be tweaked in order to trigger memories and associations is truly remarkable.