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Fashion Brand Management

Fractional C-Suite Services from Prototype give your brand access to the experience and capabilities of a professional on your team and inside your organization, without the expense.

Why Hire Experienced Management for Your Fashion Brand


Startups are, by nature, vastly understaffed. The founders building their dreams are overworked and under tremendous pressure. While it may be the norm, it’s also a deadly combination for the health of a business. As a rule, startups require organizational help and consulting during their foundational growth period. 

As our company has grown and developed valuable insights into the operational challenges of so many fashion brands, we have also grown to recognize the importance of these fashion brand management services. At a salary range averaging at least $200,000-$300,000 USD, small brands rarely have the budget to hire a full suite of management personnel. But it’s the time they need them the most. 

For that reason, Prototype offers Fractional C-Suite Services. These services are a fractional (part-time) management solution, giving you access to the experience and capabilities of a professional on your team and inside your organization, without the expense. 

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Strategic Brand Brand Building

We have the expertise to develop a comprehensive brand strategy for your fashion business. With our deep understanding of the fashion industry and consumer behavior, we will craft effective marketing plans to differentiate your brand from competitors and build a strong brand presence.

Fractional C-Suite Services Fills These
Critical Management Roles


Establishing Effective Structures

Startups are typically characterized by rapid growth and evolving needs. With our organizational help, we can assist in establishing efficient structures and processes from the early stages.


Investor Readiness

During the foundational growth period, startups may seek funding from investors. We can help your company prepare for investor presentations, refine business models, and develop financial projections that align with growth strategies.


Market Research and Insights

We conduct thorough market research to identify trends, consumer preferences, and emerging opportunities. Understanding industry dynamics, customer behavior, and competitor strategies, we will make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.


Strategic Decision-Making


When entering new markets or expanding product lines, we can provide valuable insights and strategic advice to support these decisions. We can conduct market research, analyze data, and provide recommendations based on industry best practices and our experience working with similar companies.

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Data-Driven Decision Making


The best t-shirt manufacturers will be those that not only offer you a great process to design and/or customize your own custom shirt, but will also have the capability to provide you with a finished product complete with labels, tags & finalized artwork once all the design work is complete. Here at Prototype, we work every day with fashion labels, designers and retailers to offer them an end-to-end process to take their designs from concept to completion. We’re a one-stop resource to not only manufacture your t-shirts, but to print them as well. We offer a huge variety of printing techniques to meet any need you have and if you have an idea for a print technique that you’ve never seen before, we’ll test it out for you. We’re all about providing the most incredibly custom fashion design experience possible.