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5 Perfect Tools for Small Business Marketing

5 Perfect Tools for Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing

Finding the Right Tools for Your Small Business

Starting a small business or a startup is an exciting venture, but it also requires an effective marketing strategy to succeed. With so many online marketing tools available, the search for the best ones can be overwhelming. To help you navigate through the options, we’ll provide you with some valuable tips that we share with our own clients.

The first step in creating any small business is defining your brand identity.You need to have a clear story and set of values that represent your brand. Effective marketing involves presenting a strong and memorable picture of who you are and what your business stands for.

To help you build a memorable brand and spread the word about it, consider using the following five great tools:

This website may not have the most impressive design, but it excels at generating hundreds of business name ideas in seconds. It presents the suggestions in a simple grid format, making it easy to scan through and identify potential names.

Let’s have some fun and see how this tool can help a lingerie brand with a Japanese theme. Searching for the terms “Cherry” and “Underwear,” we want something fun, funky, and Harajuku-inspired.

Typically, when brainstorming, many people come up with similar concepts like “Cherry Bomb” or “Cherry Blossom.” However, these ideas lack originality and can put your small business in unnecessary competition with others. So, let’s see how an algorithm can produce fresh and unique business name ideas:

– Cherrygram (could be interesting for a subscription product)

– Cherrybay (Maybe Cherry Bay. Might be a nice swimwear line)

– Faircherry, Cherryglow, Homecherry, etc.

These algorithm-generated names provide associations you might not have considered otherwise, making them powerful contenders for a memorable brand name.

A memorable name is crucial in small business marketing.

Before you get too attached to a brand name, it’s essential to ensure that the corresponding domain name properties are available. This brings us to the next valuable small business marketing tool.

#2: Namech_k

Falling in love with a name like “Cherry Bomb Undies” won’t be beneficial if the domain name isn’t available. Having a ridiculously long domain name like will make you look like an amateur in the online world.

Thankfully, there’s a solution – Namech_k. By entering your desired names into Namech_k, you can quickly check their availability. Let’s use “Cherrybomb” as an example:

The results show that many relevant domains are already taken. However, these are just a few examples, and depending on your brand’s nature, you might find a hidden gem. That’s why it’s crucial to conduct thorough searches for your business names rather than making assumptions.

But that’s not all! Namech_k’s real beauty lies in its ability to check the availability of usernames associated with your chosen name. This feature is awesome as it saves you significant time in checking various sites or trying to create new accounts for your brand, only to find out that your preferred username is already taken. I wish I had known about this tool sooner.

Now that you’ve put in the effort to choose an awesome brand name and secure your domain and accounts, it’s time to start promoting your brand to the world.

#3: Canva Pro

There’s a good reason why everyone is talking about Canva Pro these days – it’s simply fantastic. Canva has become a game-changer in the world of small business marketing. The platform’s ease of use is unparalleled, making it a top choice for many entrepreneurs.

In today’s fast-paced and complex marketplace, brands have only seconds to capture attention online. The demand for new graphic material is relentless, and you can’t afford to go through a lengthy approval process for every piece of marketing content. You need the ability to create and post artwork quickly, as the lifespan of a graphic is as short as that of a fruit fly.

Let me demonstrate how fast and easy it is. I’ll open Canva right now, create a blog image, and then come back to post it here, along with the time it took me…

And… Done!

It took me just 2 minutes and 10 seconds to create and post that graphic. And the best part is, it looks pretty decent, right?! Imagine what I could have accomplished with just 5 minutes of effort!

Many startups and small businesses face a common challenge when they need to regularly produce content for their websites and social media but don’t have the budget for a small business marketing service or a creative agency. However, fear not! With Canva, you can take charge of your own startup marketing plan and easily create eye-catching content for your brand.

#4: Mailchimp

In your startup marketing journey, you not only need tools to create your marketing materials but also a way to distribute them effectively. Mailchimp is the perfect solution for getting the word out about your brand.

Just like Canva, Mailchimp is truly awesome. It’s the go-to option for small businesses when it comes to email marketing, and for good reason. Here’s why Mailchimp stands out as the best small business marketing tool for email:

  1. User-friendly: Mailchimp is incredibly easy to use compared to other email marketing software options. You don’t need to be a tech expert to navigate and utilize its features effectively.
  2. Stunning emails: The email templates in Mailchimp are designed to look great and are hard to mess up. You can create professional-looking emails without much effort.
  3. Reasonable price: Mailchimp offers a cost-effective solution for small businesses, making it a great option for those on a budget.

With these advantages, Mailchimp becomes a killer combo for small business email marketing. There’s no need to overthink it – just use Mailchimp, and you’ll be in good hands.

#5: - Social Media Management

As a small business owner or marketer, dealing with social media can often be overwhelming and time-consuming. There are so many options out there, and it’s challenging to find the perfect solution to manage your social media effectively. However, is the answer to your nightmare. stands out among the competition, and I can confidently say that it’s the best tool you need. Its user-friendly interface allows any small business owner, manager, or marketer to handle their social media tasks efficiently and effortlessly.

One of the key strengths of is its ability to manage all major platforms in one place:

  • – Facebook
  • – Instagram
  • – LinkedIn
  • – TikTok
  • – Pinterest
  • – Twitter

This means you can easily post the same content or a mix of different content to multiple platforms using the same simple workflow. No more wasting time switching between different apps. Just drag your content from the left to the calendar on the right, and you’re all set with your social media campaigns across all platforms.

Of course, to create captivating content, you might need some help from Tool #3, Canva, for designing your media before scheduling it with

If, as your business grows, you find that managing your small business marketing becomes overwhelming, you might want to consider seeking the assistance of a small business marketing consultant. In the early stages, building your brand can be especially challenging, but don’t worry – there are services like Branding Services that offer easy and convenient small business branding packages, tailored especially for the fashion industry. Although fashion is their specialty, they can help with branding for any type of business you may be building.