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Create Your Own Brand

With 20 years of experience, Progarments China Limited makes selecting a quality swimwear manufacturer easier than ever. Our expertise takes the guesswork out of sourcing swimwear, offering you all the options needed to create your own swimwear line or custom swimwear for your existing brand. The hallmark of great swim manufacturers is giving you the power, flexibility, and control over exactly how your swimwear is manufactured. Trust in our 20 years of experience to deliver exceptional results for your swimwear needs.

Brand Foundry

If you're starting a fashion brand, we provide extensive guidance and support for startups. From branding to training, we've got you covered.
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If you need management and consulting services for your brand, we offer Fractional C-Suite services to help you run your company more effectively.
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From meticulous sampling to efficient enterprise-scale manufacturing, we cater to your unique needs with our high-quality, ethical manufacturers.
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Product Development

Our Black Label product development services offer you the chance to create your own, entirely custom designs. Great for designers and innovators!
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Market leadership since 2002

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Decades of experience

20 years of excellence in swimwear and yoga wear. Quality, style, comfort – our hallmark. Shaping fashion’s future with unwavering passion.

  • Professional International Trade Team
  • Experienced R&D Team
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment
  • Creative Design and Innovation Hub
  • Global Supply Chain Expertise
  • Innovative Sustainable Fabric
  • Tailored Solutions for Every Client
  • Advanced Quality Control Measures
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“I was struggling to manage all the logistics of running my fashion brand, and it left me with little time to focus on what truly mattered – selling my products!

Then I discovered Progarments, and they were a game-changer! They filled in all the gaps in my knowledge and took care of the entire production process, putting the finished products right into my hands. Now, I finally have control of my business and can dedicate my time to what I love – selling and growing my brand. Thanks to Progarments, my fashion business is thriving!”

Jasper William Lee

Jasper William Lee

Beautikini CEO

We work with the best brands

We work with the best brands


Custom orders accepted for all clothing styles.

Absolutely! We accept custom orders for all clothing styles to cater to your unique preferences.

Not at all! We welcome custom orders for any clothing style you have in mind, from casual wear to formal attire.

It’s simple! Just let us know your requirements, and our team will assist you in placing a custom order for your desired clothing style.

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